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free soul wedding & engagement parties.

who’s ready to party?

Free Soul can liven up your wedding or engagement party. Choreograph your first dance as a couple, be the talk of the town with a bridal party flash mob, or make it an evening to remember with a ladies’ night out or Bachelorette party months before your big day.

ladies’ night & bachelorette parties

Grab your girls and move. You’ll learn sexy, seductive movements in a one-hour, private class. Laughing, smiling and having fun are all requirements during a Ladies’ Night Class or Bachelorette Party at Free Soul. You can learn new moves, hone your go-tos and let it all loose when you and your girls go out for a night on the town. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be getting married for you and your girls to book a Ladies’ night at Free Soul.

Be free and keep this mind:

  • This class includes a basic overview in sensual movement with short, fun dance exercises that get you feeling confident and in tune with your own sexiness.
  • Classes range from mild spice to extreme sultriness with the incorporation of Burlesque elements.
  • You can also look forward to learning a dance specific to a song that relates to your theme, whether it’s your party anthem or favorite throwback.

Skill Level: New Soul

couple’s first dance

Every relationship has its own unique personality and energy. Free Soul helps put that uniqueness in motion on your big day. The first dance can be intimidating and stressful, so we work together to choreograph a memorable experience that you feel empowered by. The process is totally open, communicative and natural, and will no doubt bring you closer together as a couple.

Be free and keep this in mind:

  • You make the final decision on songs and final concepts.
  • Rehearsal times and locations are set up based on your needs, budget and schedule.
  • Your practice video will always be arranged for each meeting.
  • No dance experience? That’s OK! We walk through the basics together.
  • You can only rely on the sprinkler and shopping cart moves for so long. Free Soul can help you with reception entrances.

Skill Level: New Soul

bridal party mobs & family flash mobs

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to be in a flash mob. Free Soul makes your dream a reality. Whether it’s for your wedding party or family, we choreograph a custom routine while maintaining the element of surprise. We keep it fresh, fun and full of energy. And we also understand that it can be a hassle to get everyone’s schedules to match up, which is why we offer online tutorials that can be shared with your entire party so everyone is ready to mob out and step in time.

Be free and keep this in mind:

  • Links can be provided to your party so you can all learn your customized flash mob routine. We can also provide formation and room graphs.
  • For in-person rehearsals, you’ll meet with an instructor in our studio. It’s a great way for the wedding party to bond before the big day.
  • You might need a little extra coaching after the videos and in-person rehearsals. So Free Soul provides one-on-one Q&A sessions via Skype or Facetime.

Skill Level: New Soul

free soul experiences.


Your self-discovery journey begins with the flexibility, low-pressure, stress-free Free Soul Drop-In schedule. Tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, and able to adjust on-the-fly, Drop-Ins meet every one of your movement and fitness needs.


Looking to accelerate your movement? Free Soul Workshops consist of a cumulative series of classes that vary in length, put your soul in motion, and provide you with the foundation to move more.

personal lessons

Free Soul also works with you one-on-one. If you’re looking to practice for an upcoming performance, or just need a quiet, personalized experience, Free Soul offers private classes.

about us.

Free Soul empowers and sets adult dancers on a journey of renewed self-improvement and awakening that encompasses the mind, body and soul.