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free soul personal lessons.

personalized experiences.

We could all use some one-on-one time. Free Soul offers private lessons for individuals and small groups of up to four people. These closer experiences are customized to fit your specific needs. Maybe you’re an experienced dancer with an upcoming audition, or you’re new to movement and are looking to reacquaint yourself with your body. Free Soul develops a lesson plan as unique as you.

intro to dance technique

  • Learn the basics and foundations of dance that apply to all movements.
  • Receive the personalized attention to apply these movements to your own body’s benefit.
  • Adapt the processes dancers use to train their bodies and minds.
  • Develop your own approach to movement and choreography.

Skill Level: New Soul

dance technique training

  • Experienced dancers illuminate their specific strengths and address their weaknesses.
  • Set and surpass your dance goals while receiving expert advice on body alignment.
  • Focused on any style of movement or dance genre.

Skill Level: Advanced Soul

jumping, turning & extensions

  • Recommended for groups of three movers or fewer.
  • Improve your skill level, from beginner to expert.
  • Receive immediate, compassionate feedback and troubleshooting throughout the lesson.
  • Create an out-of-class training plan.

Skill Level: Evolved Soul

intro to dance—ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary & more

  • New to a genre or new to dance in general, Free Soul offers an opportunity to learn all the basics at a speed and comfort level right for you.
  • Ideal for those needing to get past the intimidation factor of trying something new.
  • A great bonding experience for groups of up to six movers.

Skill Level: New Soul

advanced stylized training

  • Expand your knowledge and practice within a specific genre of dance.
  • Fine tune your moves for an upcoming project, performance or audition.
  • Ideal for smaller groups of friends wanting to take a class that is not offered at an advanced level.

Skill Level: Advanced Soul

stretch & flexibility

  • Receive a personalized evaluation addressing imbalances or pain.
  • Run through a variety of dynamic and static stretching assisted and unassisted.
  • Develop a personalized plan for home training and program development.
  • Feel better and move more freely in dance, workouts and daily life.

Skill Level: Evolved Soul

balance & self-awareness

  • Remedy that disconnected feeling and get back to living a life that’s free.
  • Correct your sticking points and draw attention to your alignment.
  • Practice changing weight in different directions, create a stable, strong foundation and increase core strength.

Skill Level: Advanced Soul

customized choreography

  • Ideal for auditions, showcases or just for fun.
  • Create a customized dance piece alongside experienced Free Soul choreographers.
  • Transfer choreography or include technical dance training within an existing piece.

Skill Level: Advanced Soul

choreography cleaning

  • Receive personalized feedback to improve your performance of choreography that’s already been created.
  • Feedback includes valuable tips on presence, choreography, execution, technique, expression and a recording of your Free Soul instructor’s notes.

Skill Level: Evolved to Advanced Souls

free soul experiences.


Your self-discovery journey begins with the flexibility, low-pressure, stress-free Free Soul Drop-In schedule. Tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, and able to adjust on-the-fly, Drop-Ins meet every one of your movement and fitness needs.

weddings & engagement

Make your big day even bigger with personalized first dances, wedding party routines and family flash mobs. Or make it a night out before the ceremony with Bachelorette Parties and Ladies’ Nights.


Looking to accelerate your movement? Free Soul Workshops consist of a cumulative series of classes that vary in length, put your soul in motion, and provide you with the foundation to move more.

about us.

Free Soul empowers and sets adult dancers on a journey of renewed self-improvement and awakening that encompasses the mind, body and soul.