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free soul drop-ins.

drop-in schedule.

Free Soul Drop-Ins are held throughout the week. Let loose after a long day at work or make it a post-brunch meetup with your girls on the weekend.


student pricing.

what’s a drop-in?

Get moving, get fit and get motivated. Free Soul offers fun, energetic Drop-In classes for people of all experience levels. Maybe you’re looking to rekindle a past passion for dance, or interested in making new friends, or maybe you’re in need of an upbeat, calorie-burning night out. You don’t have to block out months of time to get moving at Free Soul. Drop-Ins are designed for busy schedules and cost less than a gym membership. You can start and stop (not that you’ll want to) at any time.

Your self-discovery journey begins with the flexibility, low-pressure, stress-free Free Soul Drop-In schedule. Tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, and able to adjust on-the-fly, Drop-Ins meet every one of your movement and fitness needs.

rock your body classes

The Free Soul Rock Your Body classes are workouts you look forward to. You’ll quickly start to feel great and see results. Each class customizes elements of dance and fitness for an easy-to-follow, effective workout experience. These classes are the best way to snap yourself out of feeling uninspired. You’ll build self-confidence and get back to being you. We also take injury prevention and body alignment into account, making it the ideal form of cross-training for practicing dancers.

Rock Your Body (and Mind) Benefits:

  • Improve your overall mood and mental well-being.
  • Become more flexible.
  • Increase your body awareness and balance.
  • Add the ability to pick up more new dance moves.
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Increase overall body tone.
  • Burn more calories.
  • Sharpen your cognitive skills and prevent dementia.
  • Make. New. Friends!

Skill Level: New Soul 

movement technique, strength & stretch classes

Warm up and get moving! This class begins with basic movement techniques and barre exercises composed of various styles of dance training. We then work on targeted conditioning exercises, with varying levels of difficulty and strength. And don’t worry, we custom design routines based on experience level and physical limitations. Everyone is encouraged to join in (especially those new to dance and movement) as it’s a great intro for those looking to eventually take more technical classes. Are you ready to get the dancer legs you’ve always wanted?

Be free and keep this in mind:

  • Targeted muscle groups rotate on a weekly basis.
  • Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, but bring socks or dance shoes.
  • You don’t have to get all the moves right, keep in time or be able to lift your leg over your head. Do your best and you’ll feel the results no matter what.
  • Free Soul is not just for women. Guys are always welcome. In fact, this is one of our most popular classes for men.

Skill Level: New Soul

contemporary flow (all levels) classes

Get creative, emotionally connect with your body, and follow your instincts in a safe, supportive environment. Free Soul’s Contemporary Flow is for movers of any experience level and fuses the style, quality and elements of modern, lyrical and basic ballet dance. This serves as the foundation for a contemporary style of dance that is expressive, soulful and satisfying. You’ll move in waves, spills, spirals and more to connect your mind and body.

Be free and keep this in mind:

  • Classes begin with simple combinations of dance technique exercises, warmups and end with the breakdown of customized choreography.
  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We recommend dressing in layers and bringing socks or dance shoes for warmups and floor work.
  • This is a judgement-free zone. We encourage every dancer to truly explore their mind, body and soul from the inside out.

Skill Level: New Soul

contemporary funk (all levels) classes

Time to funk it up. Connect with your true self with the Free Soul class that combines styles and elements of jazz, hip-hop and burlesque with a variety of contemporary music and rhythms. These classes are a fun way to increase mobility and flexibility while strengthening your core at the same time. Themes include the use of gravity, intention, fluidity, movement, floor work, relaxation, dynamics and much more! This class encourages creativity and discourages sticking to the rules.

Be free and keep this in mind:

  • Emotionally connect with your body, trust yourself and follow your instincts.
  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We recommend dressing in layers and bringing socks or dance shoes for warmups and floor work.
  • Feeling stiff and rigid? This class is great for hip and back flexibility.
  • Are you doubting yourself? Don’t ask yourself if you can do it, tell yourself you need to.

Skill Level: Evolved Soul

barre fusion classes

It’s Free Soul’s Sunday morning “Open Barre.” This one-hour class blends all our favorite barre exercises into one and adds themes of ballet, jazz, modern floor barre and contemporary floor work with a touch of vintage Jane Fonda fitness. You’re guaranteed to love the curated playlist for each class too. We begin with upbeat songs you can sing along to, then pick up steam with songs specifically chosen to match the movement exercises.

Be free and keep this in mind:

  • All movements are broken down and explored for higher results, with minimal effort.
  • Ballet shoes or leos are not required. Come as you are! We do recommend you bring socks or dance shoes as well as a mat or blanket.
  • Classes end with stretches to release tension and ease us back into the “real world.”

Skill Level: Evolved Soul

free soul experiences.

weddings & engagement

Make your big day even bigger with personalized first dances, wedding party routines and family flash mobs. Or make it a night out before the ceremony with Bachelorette Parties and Ladies’ Nights.


Looking to accelerate your movement? Free Soul Workshops consist of a cumulative series of classes that vary in length, put your soul in motion, and provide you with the foundation to move more.

personal lessons

Free Soul also works with you one-on-one. If you’re looking to practice for an upcoming performance, or just need a quiet, personalized experience, Free Soul offers private classes.

about us.

Free Soul empowers and sets adult dancers on a journey of renewed self-improvement and awakening that encompasses the mind, body and soul.