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keep moving onward.

free soul inspires movement.

Let go and move on. You may be just one step, leap, or experience from the path to your best physical, mental and emotional self. Free Soul empowers and sets adult movers on a journey of renewed self-improvement and awakening that encompasses the mind, body and soul. Ditch the uncomfortableness. Release the anxiety. You’ll be supported by a group of like-minded individuals who encourage you to do whatever you feel is right.

In that accessible space you’ll experience a high standard of dance instruction, from professionals. Not only do we instruct a variety of styles, but we continuously look to break down the preconceived notions of “I’ve lost it,” or “I’m embarrassed.” We push past the fears and insecurities. We keep moving forward and live a liberated life… At Free Soul.

meet the free soul founder, kara mann.

The Director of Free Soul, Kara Mann, grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, dancing mostly ballet. As a child, she was very shy, but she found courage and confidence through dance, organizing shows and classes with her neighborhood friends. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, dance was her calling. Having felt freed and motivated by motion, she was compelled at an early age to help others overcome any and all self-doubts by freeing their soul through movement.

Rhythmic movement is the best therapy for your mind, body and spirit. It has the power to liberate your soul to the point of ultimate self-discovery. And your physical body gets in shape at the same time. It’s a uniquely powerful method of rehabilitation from a traumatic event, or just a way to stay fit and make friends. Kara puts this open-minded philosophy at the forefront of every private lesson, group Drop-In and event. She’s experienced the healing power of dance first-hand and is determined to bring that same sense of self-empowerment to everyone she encounters. She hopes to reveal the motivating influence of Free Soul’s dance offerings just as it was revealed to her.

Kara’s early interests grew out of jazz, hip-hop and tap before diversifying her education. She traveled to New York City to attend classes at Broadway Dance Center with her childhood dance studio, Performing Arts Dance Academy, where she experienced the far-reaching power of the artform while sharpening her technical dance skills.

Kara went on to attend the University at Buffalo for Business, adding a dance major by her junior year. She grew her artistry through new challenges and opportunities to choreograph student productions, and studying at a three-week intensive at Point Park University. She began to teach more regularly, fueling her passion for education. Upon graduation, she was lucky to join Buffalo Contemporary Dance Company, which opened her network to an even wider range of dancers that were currently residing in Buffalo.

At this point, Kara’s goal was defined. As much as she loved NYC, she would make sure there were more opportunities for dancers and movers in WNY. She helped create collaborative performance groups and dance concerts, cultivated a network of professional level performers and dancers, and offered her support on other efforts towards the same goal in the dance community. This all led to the development of her biggest project to date, Free Soul Dance—the very first studio in WNY created specifically for the adult dancer or enthusiast.

Kara is astounded by the value dance has had in the lives of many, from growing confidence to fulfilling a missing piece within someone’s soul. This is the driving force of Free Soul and Kara is excited to share her message of motivation through motion with the world.

free soul experiences.


Your self-discovery journey begins with the flexibility, low-pressure, stress-free Free Soul Drop-In schedule. Tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, and able to adjust on-the-fly, Drop-Ins meet every one of your movement and fitness needs.

weddings & engagement

Make your big day even bigger with personalized first dances, wedding party routines and family flash mobs. Or make it a night out before the ceremony with Bachelorette Parties and Ladies’ Nights.


Looking to accelerate your movement? Free Soul Workshops consist of a cumulative series of classes that vary in length, put your soul in motion, and provide you with the foundation to move more.

personal lessons

Free Soul also works with you one-on-one. If you’re looking to practice for an upcoming performance, or just need a quiet, personalized experience, Free Soul offers private classes.

about us.

Free Soul empowers and sets adult dancers on a journey of renewed self-improvement and awakening that encompasses the mind, body and soul.