Class Rate Options

There are several class payment options for open classes. We hope you will find one that fits your schedule, needs, and budget. We have some great ways you can plan a schedule to make sure you stay on top of your dance & fitness goals.

Single class – Purchase a single class when you drop-in or reserve one class

Class Cards – Purchase either a 5 or 10 class card at a discounted per class rate. Class cards can be used for any class on the open class schedule and expire 1 year from purchase date.

Auto-renewal Contracts – Available for both the 5 and 10 class card, for our extra committed dancers, receive a greater discount when you commit to a minimum of 2 class cards. There is no time restrictions. When you use all classes on your current card, a new card (5 or 10, depending on your plan) will be automatically purchased through your account. The contract runs for one year unless you notify us to cancel sooner. There is no charge for cancellations as long as you let us know before your last class is used.

How to Purchase

We recommend you purchase your class, class card, or auto-renewal contract through our Mindbody site.

If you have attended Free Soul Dance and filled out a registration form at any point, you will have an account already in our system. When you decide which option is right for you, you will be prompted to create password for your account.

If the system tells you you do not have an account, you simply make a new one. It is a few easy steps. We would love as much information as you feel comfortable providing so that we can better serve your dance class needs.

You can also purchase your classes or class card with the instructor or receptionist when you attend class.

If you are not a computer person or you like to pay cash we completely understand! Just come in and we will help you out and get your classes and account setup.

Signing-in for classes through the Mindbody site or App is recommended but not required.
It does help for us to plan ahead, ensure class will not be cancelled, or if it is popular class, we save room for you. You will also receive $.25 Free Soul credit for each time you sign-in to a class. If you need any help, please contact us.

You can sign in to your Mindbody account at any time to check your schedule or your class card status. We hope you enjoy this much easier way to keep track of your class schedule.

All single classes and class cards expire within 1 year of purchase.

Single Class – $15

5 Class Card – $69

10 Class Card – $110


College student discounts are available. These can be purchased online AFTER your first visit to the studio. Please bring your current student ID to show the receptionist and we will activate your discount.

Single Class (student rate) – $12

5 Class Card (student rate) – $57

10 Class Card (student rate) – $100


All class cards expire within 1 year. Contracts will remain active for 1 year unless otherwise specified.

5 Class Card (auto-renew) – $60

10 Class Card (auto-renew) – $100

Purchase an Auto-renewal Contract

For our super loyal Free Soul Dance clients, we are no offering a great discount on our class card rates.

When enrolling in a class card auto renewal plan, you are ensuring your commitment to purchase a minimum of two consecutive class cards. This means, when you finish up your class card, another class card (based on your plan) will be conveniently and automatically charged to your account. There are no extra time limits, all class cards have a 1 year expiration.

There are no cancellation or plan change fees as long as notification is given before your plan renews itself. More specific details can be found on our agreement terms, before you confirm the purchase of your plan.