Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Contemporary dance classes are then based on a specific choreographers style of movement. There is usually a combination of dancer technique, warm-ups, and then customized choreography in each class. Themes of different classes include use of gravity, intention, fluidity, movement, floor work, relaxation, dynamics and more!

Why we love Contemporary dance for adults?
– We get to express our feelings through our bodies.
– It feels good to learn to follow and trust our bodies.
– It improves flexibility by providing dynamic stretches, especially for the back and hips.
– We get to be creative with limited rules.
– By exercising the feeling of different paths of weight change, balance and our core become stronger!
– Lastly, it’s just one of those things you connect and fall in love with. You can truly explore your mind, body, and soul from the inside out 🙂 Don’t judge yourself and think you can’t do it, tell yourself why you need to do it!


This dance fitness based class will have you “rockin” your body into optimal shape! Easy to follow choreography, music you will love, for those with or without dance experience. Movements are customized from a dance training background, to help shape and improve your body as you just dance! It’s so much fun you won’t even know you are working out until you start feeling great and seeing results!

This is also a great way to improve movement skills which can help build confidence and a better brain to body connection for other types of dance styles. We also takes injury prevention and body alignment into account, so we HIGHLY recommend this as a form of cross training for experience dancers as well.

Body & Mind Benefits 
– Improved mood
– Increased flexibility
– Increased body awareness & balance
– Pick up dance moves better
– Feel more comfortable in your own skin
– Increase body tone
– Burn lots of calories
– Prevent dementia
– Make new friends 🙂


This class is for ANYONE who LOVES tap or is looking to learn a new form of dance. Tap can be very therapeutic for your mind and also is proven to preventive measure against dementia!
The class will start with explanation and practice of basic tap steps. We will then work to put them together into different patterns with different music. We will slowly build from class to class, but you may start anytime! We will be reviewing and reteaching things in each class. We find this class is satisfying for many levels of tappers. We like to keep it relaxed and fun! I mean how could making loud noise with your feet not be fun?
We do loan out Tap shoes for those interested in trying it before buying it! Just email us your size and we can see if we have it available. We can then direct you to find an affordable shoe all of your own 🙂
This class is for movers with at least some experience in some type of dance. We wouldn’t reccommend this for absolute beginners.
Class objectives:
– Exploration of personal alignment & center of gravity
– Using imagery to train your body for new movement
– Working on proper technique with practical exercises
– Practice of common jumps & turns, as well as a combination of both
– Open time to practice on your own & ask questions from the instructor
*Please come early if you need extra time to warm-up. Please note there is an all level contemporary class right before this class*
Kara Mann, director of Free Soul Dance, has grown up with a love for good technique. As a studio kid, she was pushed to always strive to accomplish things the right way, not the fast way. This has instilled her life long intrigue of how different human bodies work and move. You will find her on daily basis commenting about strangers on the street and how their walk is imbalanced (purely out of concern for their joint and back health). She has studied with many instructors and fitness professionals throughout her education, collecting a versatile base of knowledge on how to train a body to safely and effectively create movement. She believes technique isn’t a “one size” fits all concept. Each body needs their own collection of tools, made specifically to work for them.

The Basics 
Join us in a safe, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to get acquainted with your inner sexuality and let that confidence shine!!! Class includes – basics broken down, fitness elements, and EASY original Sass Your Dance choreography designed to fit every BODY out there! 
Can anyone do this? YES! (anyone over 18!) 
Will it be fun? YES!
Will I get a workout? FOR SURE!

Is it your turn to bring sexy back? 😉 Sass Your Dance for experienced movers (18+) will include a warm-up of basic burlesque movements, isolations, and fitness elements, concluding with a challenging (but thoroughly broken down) original Sass Your Dance choreography phrase. Get ready to shake, twerk, swirl, shimmy, crawl? and definitely sweat in this super fun dance class! 

Level Breakdown

Choose a level based on your experience, comfort, and fitness level. Please feel free to email us at with questions.

For absolute beginners – newer dancers – dancers with physical limitations – int/adv students who want to improve their technique

All Level
For newer dancers – dancers with physical limitations – int/adv students – anyone with experience with any type of movement

For anyone with dance training advanced beginner to advanced

For intermediate to advanced level dancers – if you have any physical limitations, alternate options of movements are welcome