#dancelife… This term is used to describe the ins and outs (aka major challenges) of being a dancer. If you have a dancer in your life, you may know firsthand what inserting a little dance into your life does to a person. One minute you are at the grocery store and the next minute you might be sewing together a costume, hunting down rehearsal space, glitter, speakers, large quantities of rice or putting on your full set of eyelashes. Things get crazy around here! These things happen everyday!

Now in these instances, we are subject to both our real life and our dance life. This gets a little weird. Let me refer you to the times I’ve walked into a gas station with full on body paint. This has happened more than once. One time it was glow in the dark paint for a fashion show and another time I was a vampire. Not to mention all the other days I may go into public in full out costume that are nowhere near Halloween time. That right there is #dancerproblems. Don’t get me wrong, we bask in our problems and laugh at ourselves and our predicaments quite often. We fully appreciate all the universe has given us, so we graciously take all the rainy days (both figuratively and literally). Like the time we were literally about to step on stage for an outdoor performance and all of a sudden there is a huge and dramatic thunderstorm and downpour. Where did you find us next? Dancing down the street into our cars on the way to our next performance.

This brings me to my last bit of insight into the world of a dancer. (I’d like to point out this world is not exclusive, it’s all inclusive, and we welcome any of you into it!)  It’s pretty simple. We will dance anywhere and everywhere. This includes the mall, restaurant, graduation party, our day job, to the mail box, on the walk with our dog, in our cars, and pretty much anywhere we hear good music playing out loud or in our heads. This is partly where this video that I’d like to share with you came from. Sometimes we see our lives everyday as a dance. It’s how we communicate and how we express ourselves.

We are very lucky to have a community of people who feel the same about dance as us. This is where we find our support for our lives and some of our best friends. Erika came into my dance life a little over a year ago. She wandered into the studio one day and I could see the dance glow shining from her soul. When she moved I could see the joy she felt. We obviously ended up working together on a couple of performances and projects. We made an awesome Bollywood inspired Contemporary piece that we performed at the Elmwood Arts Festival. However, being the amazing person Erika is, she is also amazing at her job as an engineer. She was being promoted and transferred to Chicago. It was a sad day. #danceproblems

We had been talking a lot about making a dance video and the opportunity was now fleeting. Let’s do this thing! Both agreeing we definitely had issues… the song “Issues” by Julia Michaels seemed to resonate with us both. With the amateur video equipment we had, we recorded some scenes that we had often seen in our thoughts. Normal places in our daily lives where dances just flowed out of us, especially in moments of challenges and change. Dance has a way of getting us through tough spots and showing us that things will always look up. We hope you can feel something from our dancing and this video. It was made from true dance friendship and love!

"The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow."