Let me start by saying, I truly believe healthy can taste great!! I became a vegetarian about 4 years ago. From there, I fully started to appreciate the endless amounts of amazing flavors that are out there. I am not judgemental about meat eaters at all, but for some reason, meat had stolen the focus of my taste buds.

In some ways, I treat food exploration like choreography. I take little parts of what I know and love about food and put them together to make a very tasteful statement. That being said, I also like options, which is why I encourage you to take this idea and make it your own!!!!

Here’s the basics of what I did –

If you are a Buffalonian, you will be excited to know that this is a Wegman’s brand spinach wrap. I recommend finding out the restock day at your local store, because these must be a local celebrity! They seriously fly off the shelf.

Take your wrap and coat a layer of spicy hummus (leave the parts that will be folded clear). Here’s where the options come in… If you are sensitive to spice, use a red pepper or garlic hummus instead. I like to spread it on about a half-inch thick. Honestly, most restaurants put WAY too much on for my taste.

Next you want to start to heat your frying pan with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil over medium heat. Make sure the oil doesn’t start to boil and splash you. Ouch!

While you wait for that to heat up, cut up a pepper in very thin slices (this makes it easier to eat in the end). I had a yellow pepper half cut already, so I used that. The sweetness contrasted the spice very nicely, but other types could be substituted and delicious.

By now, your pan should be ready to add 4 strips of the Treehouse Tempeh Smoky Maple Bacon (by Tofurky). This is the best one I have had, in my opinion. There are other good brands out there, so feel free to add what you like! Cook these a little longer than you think you should to ensure a bold flavor and a little crunch. It totally satisfies the bacon craving, but you won’t get a stomach ache during your class!  What the heck is Tempeh?

While you let your house fill with the smell of bacon, put together the rest of your wrap and clean up a little. Let’s be honest, you are probably in a rush and this will save you some time and frustration.

Sprinkle a good amount of broccoli slaw, add peppers, (if you are a spice lover, drizzle a bit of Siracha, mmmm) and then your “Facon” when cooked on both sides. Fold the wrap on the top and bottom, then flap the left to the right, and tighten it all up before you close it up. Take the whole wrap and put it in your already warm and oiled frying pan. Each side should only be about 2-3 minutes, until it’s golden brown.

If you are on the go, wrap this baby up in some foil, make sure you poke a few holes for it to breath, and you are ready to go! If you are bringing it for later, I suggest you cut it in half and put it in a storage container after it cools a bit. This would be just as good cold as it is hot!

Hope you enjoy!



Wegmans Spinach Wrap
Supremely Spicey Hummus (or hummus of choice)
Treehouse Tempah Smoky Apple Bacon
Half of a bell pepper
Broccoli Slaw
Siracha (optional)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil